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Christian Counseling

As a fellow believer in Christ, I am a firm advocate of Christian counseling and the transformative power of Christ. As a renowned Christian therapist serving Marietta, Smyrna, and Woodstock, I provide professional, clinical, and experienced guidance for managing or resolving anxiety and marriage issues from a Christian perspective. With a strong reputation as a trusted referral source among pastors and church staff in the Southeast, my goal as a Christian counselor in Woodstock is to offer a compassionate, biblically-based, and challenging environment where you can receive accurate assessments, meaningful encouragement, and practical techniques to navigate life's challenges. No matter what you're facing - whether it's anxiety, temptations, or marital discord - there is hope in Christ.

Please don't hesitate to contact me today to discuss your concerns and determine the best course of action for your situation.

Recognizing the need for change and taking the steps to achieve it requires immense courage and effort. As a Christian counselor in Smyrna, I am here to support you on your journey as you navigate concerns related to parenting, anxiety, and marriage. I am honored to walk alongside you and provide confidential Christian counseling services. If you are considering me as your counselor, the following information may be helpful in your decision-making process: 

What Christian Counseling Mean 

Christian Counseling in Marietta involves integrating your Christian faith into the therapeutic process. Our values and beliefs are intertwined with how we perceive ourselves, others, as well as the world, whether we are aware of it or not. Christian counseling can incorporate various strategies to align with a Christian worldview. 

As a Christian counselor, I strive to provide therapy that integrates your Christian beliefs and values, and I am here to support you on your journey with compassion, empathy, and a Christian perspective.

Misconceptions about Christian Counseling:

  • A therapist pressuring you to pray more, have more faith, or attributing your mental health struggles to not being a 'good enough' Christian.

  • A therapist imposing their own spiritual beliefs on you.

  • A therapist dismissing or invalidating your experiences by providing simplistic "Christianese" answers to life's difficulties.


When is Christian Counseling Appropriate?

There are several situations where Christian counseling in Marietta can be beneficial:

Spiritual Struggles 

If you are dealing with a crisis of faith, have questions about your beliefs, or feeling disconnected from God, Christian counseling can offer a safe space to explore and reconcile these struggles. I can help you strengthen your relationship with God, navigate doubts or conflicts, and find meaning and purpose in your faith journey.

Emotional and Mental Health Issues 

Christian counseling services in Woodstock can also be beneficial for individuals dealing with emotional and mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, grief, or trauma. I combine therapeutic techniques with biblical teachings to help you understand the emotional and mental aspects of your struggles and develop coping strategies, finding healing and restoration in your faith.

Relationship Conflicts

Relationship issues are common these days! If you are experiencing issues in your marriage, family, or other relationships, Christian counseling in Smyrna can provide needed guidance and support. With my Christian counseling services, you can navigate communication issues, conflicts, forgiveness, and reconciliation from a faith-based perspective.

Life Transitions

Major life transitions such as career changes, retirement, divorce, or loss of a loved one can be tough to deal with. However, a Christian therapist can provide comfort, support, and guidance during these times of change. I can help you process your emotions, find meaning in difficult circumstances, and seek God's guidance as you navigate these transitions.

Addiction and Recovery 

A Christian counselor can provide the perfect spiritual guidance, support, and accountability in overcoming addiction, integrating biblical principles with evidence-based treatment approaches.

In all of the above situations, I can help you with Christian counseling in Smyrna. It is a unique approach that combines therapeutic techniques with a faith based perspective to address your concerns as well as support your well being. 

If Christian counseling is not your thing 

No worries! I offer both traditional and faith-based counseling options. I will never impose my own beliefs, whether Christian or otherwise, on any of my clients. The extent to which we incorporate spirituality into counseling is entirely up to you. Whether you choose Christian counseling or Christian counseling for marriage, you can rest assured that you will have the freedom to pursue the life you deserve without any concerns or pressure.

The shortened version 

  • I establish effective rapport with Christian individuals who seek help with anxiety, parenting, and marriage concerns through face-to-face sessions. Additionally, I offer phone and video meetings for individual counseling, although they may not be as effective for joint marital counseling.

  • I utilize various methods to address anxiety, parenting, and marriage concerns, including a Biblically-based version of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that draws on the concept of transforming the mind (Rom. 12:1-2), which has been proven to be successful.

  • I connect well with Christian men who desire to address their concerns in a direct and clear manner. As a Christian man myself, I am familiar with the issues that are most concerning to men, and I will collaborate with you to develop a practical action plan from a Biblical perspective, utilizing additional resources as needed.

  • I relate effectively with Christian women who seek a Christian counselor's perspective on their relationships with Christ, spouses, children, grandchildren, and friends.

  • I work effectively with Christian couples who wish to identify and resolve areas of conflict from a Scriptural perspective. While in-person sessions are most successful, I also offer phone or video sessions in certain situations.

  • I provide support to Christian parents who are heartbroken about wayward children, helping them develop strategies rooted in godly principles to navigate this challenging situation.


The extended version:

I want to share some important details about my approach to counseling and my ministry with people. First of all, while I am clinically trained, my counseling is rooted in a Christian perspective. It is not solely based on techniques but on my relationship with God which allows me to discern and convey Truth. I am mindful of the Biblical worldview and I use it as the foundation of my therapy. I understand that interpretations of the Bible may vary on certain issues, but I am equipped to help you navigate your concerns from a Christian standpoint.

Secondly, I am experienced and trained in integrating current clinical dynamics with Christian thought and lifestyle. My specialization is in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is rooted in Romans 12:2 - the renewing of the mind.

Thirdly, as a counselor, I am directive in my approach. I communicate clearly and directly. While I listen attentively to your initial concerns, my goal is to quickly align with you, see you from God's perspective, and move towards godly resolution or management of your concerns.

Fourthly, in Christian marriage counseling, I utilize what I call "relationship engineering." This involves helping individuals understand a two-fold paradigm - their relationship with God (vertical) and their relationship with others (horizontal) through the lens of other relationships such as marriage, parenting, work, etc. Often, the vertical and horizontal relationships are intertwined, and one significantly impacts the other. In other words, a lacking relationship with Christ may also affect the marriage or other relationships, and vice versa.

Fifthly, I understand that many Christians seek a counselor who aligns with their Biblical standards to enhance their walk with Christ and not confuse or detract from it. My goal is to hear "well done" one day (Matt. 25:23), and I want the same for you. I encourage you to decide today, in your thoughts, words, and deeds, to strive for hearing "well done" later.

Lastly, our success in counseling will be based on setting and achieving goals. We will work together to modify goals to enhance achievement. I look forward to discussing your questions over the phone and meeting with you at our first appointment. Prior to that, please feel free to contact me for a free initial 15-minute consultation. I take your trust in me for Christian counsel seriously and trust that God will guide us both in accurately identifying your primary concerns, clarifying them, and determining a godly course of action. 

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