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8 Unnoticed Anxiety Symptoms: Anxiety Counseling in Marietta

We all face anxiety and stress in our lives, and it is common too. But it takes some obvious symptoms for you or someone you love to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. It is advisable that, as soon as you detect any serious symptoms, you start your anxiety Counseling in Marietta or wherever you live.


However, we often think that anxiety has certain symptoms. Let us tell you that this is not always the case. There are some obvious anxiety symptoms that often go unnoticed.

1. Having Trouble Falling Asleep

Everyone has difficulties sleeping occasionally, but if you can't recall when you last slept soundly, it might be related to anxiety. This is especially true if you toss and turn, and your mind is racing with worries and fears.

2. Constant Avoidance

Anxiety sufferers may avoid places, events, things, or situations that make them feel scared. This avoidance appears harmless on the surface, but over time, it can significantly limit and disrupt everyday activities. Many times, we assume that the person may have a bad mood or just not want to step out of the house, but constantly avoiding people and places is a sign of social anxiety disorder. You can opt for anxiety Counseling in Marietta if you feel you may have a social anxiety disorder.

3. Physical Symptoms

Anxiety can cause headaches, stomach-aches, muscular tension, exhaustion, and discomfort. People often deal with symptoms only related to physical problems rather than mental health.

 For example: someone who is constantly tired does not always mean that they are tired of their physical work. Mental pressure or anxiety can also cause exhaustion.

4. Being Moody or Easily Irritated

One of the common symptoms of anxiety is feeling easily irritated. Most of the time, people may come across as mean or arrogant and be tagged as "moody.” However, it is possible that, in reality, the person is going through a lot of mental problems that are making them act differently.

5. Confused or Difficulty Making Decisions

Unable to make a single decision? Anxiety may be at fault for your indecision. One sign of anxiousness is being overly emotionally immersed in every choice. This makes it difficult to make decisions.

6. Lack of Concentration

It is tough to focus on work or school if you are always nervous. If your mind wanders, you may have difficulty conversing with friends and staying focused. Next time your child tells you that he or she is unable to concentrate or study, it is better to ask them if everything is fine or book an anxiety Counseling session in Marietta.

7. Falling Sick Frequently

Poor mental health can result in poor physical health. If you're getting ill frequently but it's not flu or cold season and you don't work with children or in a hospital, worry might be the culprit. Anxiety symptoms include fatigue, inexplicable pains, and recurrent or persistent colds.

8. Procrastination

Chronic procrastination, especially with essential activities, might be indicative of anxiety. Avoiding important or meaningful tasks causes people to feel humiliated and guilty, which continues the anxiety cycle.


There are many other anxiety symptoms that might go unnoticed. Always look for the above-mentioned symptoms in yourself and your loved ones and see if someone needs help. If you live in Marietta, contacting a certified therapist for anxiety Counseling in Marietta can help you recognize your symptoms better and overcome them.

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